Tuckerton UMC   “Never doubt that a small group  of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ”
~Margaret Meade


A Message From Our Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I pray all of you are transitioning into autumn season well. This is the season that many of us get inoculated by getting vaccination shots: flu, shingles, and etc. These shots help us get through the winter season, hopefully, without illness. These shots that we get are our acknowledgement of our vulnerability. The anticipation of our going through with them is our past experience of being ill as well as advice coming from our friends in the medical field.

Many people may think that becoming a Christian means that we are not vulnerable to the worldly evils that may happen because God will take care of us in all ways. But our experience tells us otherwise. We have seen good Christians go through painful situations and you have experienced them as well. We are not immune to pain and grief when we commit our lives in Jesus Christ. However, we are to understand that through the trials that we may endure there will be a lot that we gain with Christ in our lives. We are in the midst of natural disasters that pains us as we watch them with our loved ones. I pray with you in crying out to God that He will indeed weave this into a divine plan that God has for His creation. I have faith that God will use the goodness of the Christian response to help us understand and feel the process of God’s restoration for all of us. Do you know a child who may have asked this question: “Why are all the vitamins in the vegetables and not in the ice cream?”

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor David

David Yun and family

Pastor David, his wife Jennifer, and their son Jonah