The joyous strains of New Orleans Jazz will mingle with traditional Christian Hymns, featuring a four piece band, and is presented in the mode of a New Orleans jazz funeral.  The service is a wedding of two long-standing traditions.  The Easter Eve Vigil, one of the earliest Christian services, unites Good Friday and Easter day.  The other is the New Orleans jazz funeral, practiced in America for over 100 years.  The jazz funeral allows for mourning the loss of a loved one and celebrating the person’s new life in Christ.  It is a powerful and moving experience.  By the conclusion of the service, the congregation will join in the joy and life-lifting music of tunes like  “When the Saints Go Marching In.”  It is sure to make your celebration of Easter this year one that you are not likely to forget for a  long time!!!  Come out and bring a friend!  Come as you are… come early… stay late… and be ready to celebrate!!!  The event is followed by a reception in Mott Hall, hosted by the JOY Group.